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different_beat's Journal

Different Beat: A New Type of Sound
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Different Beat

Different Beat

I would like to welcome everyone to Different Beat. This is a music sharing community like most others, however we have one thing different. Something that sets us apart from the typical music communities that you see around LiveJournal. Here at Different Beat we would like to lay emphasis on the genre's of music that not many people know of. We would like to take a step away from the mainstream and set a light upon the more unorthodox music. Music from around the world that few people have exposure to under normal circumstance.

Here is the place you can go to, to find music that you would not normally find. Sure, we'll have some of the old favourites that everyone seems to love. But we'll also have music that you may never have heard of before.

What we aim to do is spread the love! It's as simple as that really.

We hope to offer you all a different perspective and maybe a new obsession!


Everyone has rules and I'm afraid we're no different. The rules here are simple.

[1] This community is Friends Only. Posts here will be Friends Locked. If you do not Friends Lock your post then they can and will be deleted. This may seem a little harsh, but I have a problem with leechers!

[2] Comments are wonderful things. They allow us and the posters to know what music is popular so that we can bring you more of the music you want to hear. It also allows us to know when a link runs out. This is good for everyone involved I believe.

[3] Flames, bad manners and needless spam will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. In other words... You will be banned without question. I do not tolerate this kind of behavior. Take that into account before posting.

[3b] An extension of the flame rule. Do not, under any circumstances, flame another person's choice in music. By all means have a healthy debate, but do NOT post such comments as "This band suck!". Comments like this will be deleted on sight. No questions asked.

[4] PV's will be allowed here, but music downloads MUST be posted with PV's and music videos. This community is for sharing music only.

[5] Feel free to post intro's and such. It's nice to meet new people.

[6] You may advertise here. Banners must be no bigger than 400x300. You may advertise once a week. Posts may be deleted if they exceed this limit.

[7] Feel free to post your playlists to request or trade music.

[8] If your post if going to be long, make use of LJ-tags... it's a wonderful invention and will be a huge help to us!

[9] When posting, it would be very helpful to use the tag options. That way people will easily be able to find the music they want. Tagging with genre and the name of the band/artist is all that's needed (as well as the obvious "playlist" or "music video" is that's what's included in the post).

[10] Please remember what we're here for. This is a music sharing community. If you request a song then you MUST upload a song of your own. It's only fair after all.

upload sites

# YouSendIt (when using YSI, we urge you to change "http" to "hxxp". Thank you)
# RapidShare
# SaveFile
# ShareFiles
# TurboUpload
# MegaUpload
# ShareBigFile
# UltraShare



Go here for more banners and links.


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